The power of a well-produced photo is evident. We have years of experience on all kinds of photography. Our specialities are vehicle- and transportation themed projects, but we also do portraits, event photography, product photos and studio photography.

  • Product photography
  • Company and personnel photography
  • Personal portraits
  • Event documentation
  • Studio photography

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Film production

We offer professional, high quality film production for larger and smaller projects and to both end clients and media agencies. Video is growing in the web , and we’ve been making videos even before the Internet was born. We plan, write, direct, film and edit, so all you need to do is contact us and tell us what you need. Feel free to browse our Vimeo page for references and contact us, so we can talk more.

  • Web and TV advertisements
  • Radio advertising
  • Product presentation videos
  • Company videos
  • Initiation and training videos
  • Documentaries
  • Music videos
  • Viral videos
  • Exhibition and event videos
  • News reports and stories, and other broadcast material

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Aerial imaging

Contact us, if you need cost effective and agile, yet premium quality aerial services. We can do both aerial still photos and video for different kinds of needs. Feel free to browse our Vimeo page for references.

  • Advertisements
  • Company presentations
  • Product videos and still photos
  • Events
  • TV work
  • Arhitectural projects

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We offer high-quality technical translation services with over 15 years of experience. We provide services both directly to end customers and as subcontractors to translation agencies. If you are browsing the Internet in Finnish or reading equipment manuals, it is likely that you have already seen the result of our translations.

We specialise in digital entertainment and games, the Internet, manuals, and other technical documents. We can also offer unique expertise in the field of nuclear power technology, and strong know-how in the automotive translations field. Our language combinations are Finnish-English-Finnish, Finnish-Swedish-Finnish, German-Finnish, and other languages subject to agreement. We use the latest and most common CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software and native language proofreaders in our work.

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We produce larger and smaller websites professionally, according to the customers’ individual wishes. Our customers include museums, art galleries, private entrepreneurs, and multinational corporations.

  • Website design and implementation
  • Layout and technical functionality
  • Content production
  • Updates according to the customer’s individual requests, and/or update guidance
  • Webshops, history websites, webzines, image galleries
  • Banner advertising
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Mobile device optimisation
  • Leveraging social media

Alasin Media Oy is the owner and producer of the website is a leading online video games and entertainment publication in Finland. It offers news, product reviews and video articles to 40,000+ visitors each week.

Do you want to bring your message to a youthful audience with plenty of buying power? Please contact our media sales team:

Verkossa Media

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Content production

Alasin Media Oy also offers all the media agency services and content production for different media, based on years of experience. We have written dozens of company presentations, educational materials, advertisements etc.

We have special expertise in content production for Internet services that has been gained from our involvement since the 1990s. The widest selection of our content is available on the website, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors each week. In addition to this, our shareholders and employees have experience in writing for print media, other websites, and even television programmes.

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Visual design

  • Books and magazines
  • Newspaper advertising
  • DTP for brochures, invitations, posters, and business cards
  • Visual guidelines
  • Banners
  • Logo design
  • 3D design
  • Other graphic design services

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Project management

If you have an idea or a need, contact us, and let’s see how we can get started. We can handle large and complex projects, and we have a wide network of freelance professionals who can step in if needed. For example, together with Museum Centre Vapriikki and the University of Tampere we designed the Finnish Museum of Games, opened in 2016.

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Art services

We have been working on the art field for almost 20 years: building complex installations, taking photos, creating catalogues and filming exhibition documentary films. All over the world for artists, galleries, museums and private collectors. We work together with the best subcontractors to get the projects done as they should.

We offer services to museums, galleries, artists, and private collectors

  • Art exhibition design and construction
  • Video and light installations
  • Installation design and construction
  • Consultation
  • Content design
  • Project handling
  • Photography and listing of works
  • Exhibition documentation
  • All AV production services in the arts field

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