Alasin Media Oy is an expert in audiovisual production and translation services, producing communication for different media. The cornerstones of our business are customer focus and strong know-how in all means of communication, whether printed, moving, or online.

Alasin Media Oy is also the owner and producer of the website V2.fi

Take a moment to browse our services and portfolio. We do more than you’d expect. We are based in Finland, but we serve worldwide.


Fastest time to push a car one mile

Nokian Tyres: Vanlife Teaser

Nokian Tyres: Seasonproof Family

Nokian Tyres: Hakka Green 3

Nokian Tyres: Hakkapeliitta 10 Teaser

Hakkapeliitta 10: Next Generation Studs

Nokian Tyres: You are here

Nokian Tyres: Snowproof P

Nokian Tyres: Aramid Armor teaser

Ironman 2019 Lahti Aftermovie

Nokian WR Snowproof teaser

Alasin Media Aerial Showreel 2019


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Alasin Media Oy // Verstaankatu 5 B // FI-33100 Tampere // Finland
Find us on Google Maps
// +358 50 558 0976

Mikko-Heikki Heinonen

Managing Director
Translation services

+358 50 558 0976

Ville-Veikko Heinonen

Chairman of Board
AV production & photography
Art projects & design

+358 50 331 9081

Manu Pärssinen

Visual designer
Editor, V2.fi

+358 50 599 0349

Juho Ahola

IT specialist

Petri Isomäki

Deputy managing director

Markku Reunanen

IT specialist

Vimeo Youtube instagram Facabook


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